Mobile Devices And Its Effects Essay

Mobile Devices And Its Effects Essay

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Mobile devices have had a short history of only forty years, but the large technological advancements that we have access to today have started to take over the scene and will continue to do so as long as technology becomes more accessible and more functional.

In the very beginning of mobile phones they were largely inconvenient and extremely pricey, and though they were open to all consumers, only the wealthy could afford to own one. A driver in St. Louis Missouri made the first mobile phone call in 1946, and it was made possible by an AT&T team that worked for more than a decade to make possible. By 1948 the wireless service was available in almost 100 cities. The people who mainly used the service were people in the utilities services, truck fleet operators and reporters (AT&T Labs). The downside to the service though was that it remained unpopular. This was due to the highly limited functions mobile calls were prone to.

Thus was the largest problem with “mobile” devices for some time. The wireless network couldn’t handle large phone call volumes. A single transmitter provided only a handful of channels for use in a metropolitan area, and at most only 3 people could make calls at one time in a city (AT&T Labs). Not only was that an inconvenience, the subscription fee was largely too expensive for an average user and the equipment weighed a hefty eighty pounds.

Mobile users also had to involve an operator to initiate a phone call to and from the mobile network, which was a large inconvenience. The Richmond Radiotelephone Company introduced the first fully automatic mobile telephone service in 1948 and then improved the system again ten years later by switching the system to eliminate operators entirely. (Shi, 2007, p. 55)...

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...ical milestone for portable devices. Though it had less features than a traditional computer, it was highly convenient for it’s portability. After the high success other technology competitors used the tech found in the iPad and introduced more features available for them.

70% of the world’s population now owns a mobile phone, and as time and technology progresses, and as phones get smaller, lighter, cheaper, and more functional, more people are going to involve themselves into the technology (Doran). Technology today as shown limitless possibilities, and now that past dreams and fantasies about the future has come into fruition, people will become more and more reliant on these progressions. Flexible electronics has already become a reality and as large companies, such as Google, continue to make strives in technology, the idealist “future” will soon be upon us.

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