Essay on Mobile Computing and Social Networks Analysis

Essay on Mobile Computing and Social Networks Analysis

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The RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology is considered a mobile based application and it has been used in the past 50 years. The electronic device consist of a small chip and antenna, and it serves as a purpose to code or magnetic strip on the back of a credit card or ATM card. The magnetic strip needs to be scanned to gain all the identifying information.
The RFID technology is effective and efficient because the readers can interrogate the tags much faster. Versus the barcode, the RFID can read further distance and less time consuming than the barcode. According to (, n.d.), the RFID technology can pull information up to 300 feet. The RFID is able to allow data transfer for consumer goods via electromagnetic fields. The RFID system consist of four components and the so-called transponder, an antenna, a reading device or reader and a data processing system. All of these applications allow the RFID technology to store information without visual contact.
The medical field loves the RFID technology because it can quickly upload the processing server and the employee does not have to stand directly behind the computer. According to (Alien Technology Corporation, 2008), pharmacies have a hand-held device called the ARL-9650 and it can quickly authenticate medication once the manual process of validating orders to be automated. This improves the operational efficiencies and accuracy. The ARL-9650 add convenience of a single connection. According to (Alien Technology Corporation, 2008), the ARL-9650 use the Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) option, which is a simple LAN cable serves as dual functions Enables communication with the server and provide power to the reader. The product is self-contained ...

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