Mobile And Cloud Security : Mobile Security Essay

Mobile And Cloud Security : Mobile Security Essay

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Mobile security, also called wireless security, refers to the protection of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, other computing devices as well as the networks they connect to from vulnerabilities and threats which are related to wireless computing. Mobile security is a broad term that entails several issues such as protecting a mobile device from malware threat, reducing risks and also securing the mobile device and its data in the incidences of theft, accidental loss of the device or unauthorized access. In the recent past, securing mobile devices has continued to attract the interest of many people (Malik & M Chaturvedi, 2013). The reason for this is the increase in the number of devices that are in operation. Also, the uses to which these devices are put have expanded in the recent past. Thus, this paper examines mobile and cloud security.
In other words, mobile security may also mean ways in which mobile devices authenticate users and restrict or protect any access to the data store on the devices using personal identification numbers (PINs). Also, using passwords, pattern screen locks as well as other advanced forms of authentication, including fingerprint readers, eye scanners and other means of biometric readers. Mobile security is related to mobile device management. Mobile device management (MDM) applies to protecting devices in the business environment from any loss or theft and at the same time protecting the data stored on the devices. Cloud security or cloud computing security is a developing sub-domain of network security, computer security or the broader information security (Martin, 2013). The concept can be used to refer to a wide range of policies, controls and technologies that are designed to protect applicati...

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... must determine security requirements. On the other hand, custodians must manage security as per the set requirements. At the same time, users of information should access it as required. Different information has a different value. The value of particular information determines the protection level. The protection levels dictate the procedures to be undertaken.
In 2012, conducted a poll that brought together four hundred and eighty-seven IT security professionals and managers. The enterprise mobile security survey highlighted top five mobile device security concerns. First, the pool found out that device loss was one of the greatest concerns (Wang & Du, 2013). For instance, an employee who loses a smartphone or tablet may be risk important customer information or even intellectual property. Such incidences have led to high-profile data breaches.

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