The Mmr Vaccine Causes Autism Essay

The Mmr Vaccine Causes Autism Essay

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Currently across the globe there is a great debate amongst parents. Parents are making the decision of whether or not they want to vaccinate their children. Through influences such as social media and informal advice from families many parents are deciding not to vaccinate their children putting their children at a greater risk of contracting diseases such as measles and chicken pox. Although parents do currently have the right to make these decisions parents must make sure that their decisions are made in the best interests of their children. Some parents fear the vaccine for their children because of side effects that are rare (1 in every million doses) and some still believe the historical theory that the MMR vaccine causes autism. Vaccines will and are doing more good to your child than the perceived harm.
Parents have the right to make decisions about their children’s medical care (Grusec; 2016). Parents have the moral and legal right to make medical decisions on behalf of their children; this includes making decisions about whether or not they want to vaccinate their children. Furthermore parents also have the decision to discontinue medical treatment even if life sustaining; however parents should base their decisions on what they know is best for their child. Decisions parents make that clearly aren’t in a child’s best interest should be questioned and challenged by medical professionals. Parents have the right to make medical decisions for their child because parents are usually the people that care most about their children and would want to make decisions that are best for them and will understand the unique needs of the child. (Grusec; 2016)
Although parents have rights to make medical decisions for their children; c...

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...s diseases. Serious side effects however are extremely rare, serious side effects can include for an example, seizures. The historical theory that the MMR vaccine causes autism has been completely proven false recently by researchers. If every child in the world was vaccinated against diseases such as, measles and chicken pox, maybe one day we’ll be able to abolish these diseases completely just as Edward Jenner did when he found a vaccine against the deadly disease smallpox that were killing thousands of children a year. By vaccination your child you could not only save your child from dangerous diseases but this world could possibly be gone of some diseases such as measles and chicken pox. Parents shouldn’t have the right to refuse to vaccinate their children, parents must vaccinate their children and the legal right to refuse to vaccinate should no longer exist.

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