Essay on The Mmr Vaccination And Autism

Essay on The Mmr Vaccination And Autism

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In this class we have spent our time looking over research studies about the effects that vaccinations may or may not have on our children. Since Wakefield suggested that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination is associated with the onset of Autism, parents have been hesitant of vaccinating their children. Due to these findings several years ago, parents that have vaccinated their children are concerned that these vaccinations are directly correlated to their children becoming Autistic. If what we find in the research studies proves that there is no correlation between the MMR vaccination and Autism, then hopefully parents will be more likely or continue to feel comfortable vaccinating their children. Following the out break there has been a decrease in parents vaccinating their children to protect them from serious diseases, bringing fear to their local communities. The purpose of these studies are to disprove the correlation between vaccinations and Autism and to stop the decrease in vaccinations in children that can ultimately lead to disease outbreaks in the communities. In this paper I will discuss major findings of researchers along with implications, biases the reachers may have, along with the how these findings prove there is no correlations between the MMR vaccination and Autism.
First we will look at a personal story from Jenny Macarthy and a research study from Andrew Wakefield, as these are both people who think that vaccinations are what is causing Autism in children. In Wakefeilds’ study, he claims that there are links between the MMR vaccination and the onset of Autism. His case investigates twelve children that were said to have been developing normally and then happened to acquire increased ...

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... in addition not responding as firmly to the antibody, are at danger for getting an infection that may be debilitating or fatal. I found that the Internet gives a huge measure of data on the topic. Government funded schools could be utilized to help folks comprehend the favorable circumstances and ramifications of immunizations. A standout amongst the most imperative things to recall is that the medicinal group has confirmed that having kids immunized is more secure than not having youngsters inoculated. Furthermore, with new technologic advances, new innovations are unveiled. Scientific examination studies over this topic have been proved reliable, thusly there is no connection in the middle of extreme autism. Eventually a genuine hotspot for the cause of extreme autism will surely be found, but till that day we must protect with the proven defenses we have at hand.

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