Essay about The Mizzou Hunger Strike : Characters

Essay about The Mizzou Hunger Strike : Characters

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The Mizzou Hunger strike
Robert: Robert is a 23 year graduate student at his university. He is an activist as well as a full time student. He stands about 6’0” and is African American. He comes from an Upper class home with a family that is well educated and religious. He strongly believes in equality, as well as the betterment of him self and his peers. He has a strong set or Morals as well as a keen sense of humar and the ability to be very approachable. He is a good person with an even better heart who is trying to find ways to help his fellow student body.
Priest: The preist is a 60 year old man who has been apart of Roberts life for quite some time. The Pastor stands about 5’10” and is bald. He has been apart of the church for some 40 odd years now and has seen Roberts growth from child to man. ALthough he does not agree with all of Roberts decisions he believes in the cause he is fighting for and choses to be a support system for the young activist for as long as he needs to be. The pastor has a wife and 2 children of his own now, both in collge, and could not imagine them going through the things Robert is currently going through. The Pastor leads a modest, happy life and serves as a calming voice to Robert when it may seem that the stress of his current situation is consuming him.
Lights fade up. Student stands infront of swatstika with look of dispair plastered across his face. He shakes his head and walks away, down the hallway lights fade.
Lights up
-Pastor: They drew a what? Where? With what??
-Robert: Exactly, they drew a shwastika, on the walls, in their feces. How much more of a sign do peole need. They clearly want us gone.
-Pastor: That hurts my heart. Why would anyon...

... middle of paper ...

... character would be dressed in khaki pants and button up colored shirt, tucked in with a dark brown belt and loafers to match. The Pastor would be adorned in all black dress clothes and a clerical collar.
As the play were to progress the audience would see a visible change in Robetrs clothing. Going from refined to less ‘kept’ and more normal, if you will. He trades in the khakis for jeans, the Polos for Tee-shirts, and the loafers for sneakers. As the play progresses the set would change too. Going from an outdoors in a tent, to a class room setting, protests on the street, and finally back to outdoors for the ending. The lighting will continously stay sligtly dim for most of the show save for the outdoor scenes that will be lighted to fit the feel of a sunny day. Overall it would be a minimalistic show, that focus mostly on Robert and his story during this week.

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