Essay on MIT's Architectural Program

Essay on MIT's Architectural Program

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In 2013, Architect Magazine, ranked MIT’s Architectural program #2 among graduate schools in the USA. As it builds up its prestigious reputation in Architecture, MIT has tried to inspire its students to be creative and fanciful in their projects through the unique buildings that they have on campus. The Stata Center, an academic complex designed by Frank Gehry , originally got a lot of attention, because of its novel appearance. Critics said it was a good act of self-expression, and its complex design was a good representation of the intellectual capacity of the scientists that were going to be working there. Likewise, Simmons Hall -a residence hall designed by Steven Holl- finally got the entire freshman class to live on campus, which was something MIT desperately needed. These buildings, among many others at the MIT campus, are built precisely as inspirations for their architectural students. As Thomas P. Hughes - a professor at MIT- once noted, MIT has celebrated their buildings as “expressing the inventiveness, energy, and excellence of the people within them.” However, it certainly seems as though the buildings were built solely focused on their appearance, as they have turned out to be neither efficient nor cheap. These two buildings have caused so many problems that they have not proven to be a good representation of the innovative minds at MIT. Even though the appearance of the buildings represents forward-thinking architecture, they nevertheless result in extra construction time, cost inefficiencies, and experiential and structural malfunctions.
Both Simmons Hall and the Stata Center took much longer to build than what was expected. This is a disgrace for MIT’s Architectural School, as they are not being good role m...

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...their Architectural school has always tried to inspire their students to be innovative through their buildings on campus. Since their start, they have filled their campus with the most creative buildings in Cambridge. They have built such imaginative and idealist buildings in hopes of inspiring their students to become visionary architects. Through the years though, they lost their spark of innovation and instead have created buildings that turned out to be not only too expensive, but also not functional. With it, they have lowered MIT’s intellectual reputation, as many critics have related the faults of these buildings towards the intellect of MIT students. If MIT plans to maintain their prestigious reputation, they should focus on teaching their students to create buildings that serve their purposes, and not focus so much on their visual aspects.

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