Misused Prescription Drugs, Lsd, And Methamphetamine Essay

Misused Prescription Drugs, Lsd, And Methamphetamine Essay

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Misused prescription drugs, LSD, and Methamphetamine are drugs that exist in our culture and a destroys our culture. People use drugs to relieve stress, escape problems of society, or to have a good time. Although they have their personal reasons, those reasons come with consequences. Drugs have a way of bringing up the past of people who are claiming sobriety. The long-term effect of having flashbacks could be quite disturbing when a person is trying to move pass what they once experienced. Also, a former drug users may experience aches and pains from years of constant chemical abuse to their mind and body. Treatment could only do so much. For instance, methamphetamine contains brake cleaner and battery acid. Those harmful chemicals could damage the organs and make it challenging to have a functioning body system. Living in squalor conditions could cause illness and the body as well. However, with the mind on drugs, those things are not taken into consideration.
To a drug user, a temporary high seems to matter more than longevity. Drug abuse is a disease that could be difficult to cure. Knowledge of drug dependency could prevent use and allow people to make better choices instead of being peer pressure into something they know nothing about. Because people engage in high risk behavior while they are on drugs such as unprotected safe and outlandish behavior, it not only affects them, it affects the future population; people spread diseases and babies of drug users are born. Behaviors such as public nudity, a person talking to themselves, or passing out in the middle of the street are examples of outlandish behavior. A person can’t help the fact that the drugs make them behave that way. With that in mind, it could be easy to identi...

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... would always be remembered as such. Drug abuse could delay accomplishments and aspirations and trap them in a life of mental, emotional, and physical abuse.
Treatments and rehabilitation centers could be very costly. It is very common for family to invest their money trying to get a drug abusing family member to be sober and the drug abuser relapse. Prevention is important to avoid these situations. Their addiction could be so powerful that they don’t even want help for themselves. A drug abuser must want help for themselves in order for treatment and rehabilitation centers to be effective. When a person is not mentally ready to give up that lifestyle, they will disappoint the people supporting them. Also, when a person is given a label or being a drug user, they could decide to live up to society’s expectations of them instead of living beyond what society thinks.

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