The Misunderstandings Of Knowledge By Jason Stanley Essay

The Misunderstandings Of Knowledge By Jason Stanley Essay

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The Misunderstandings of Knowledge

If one were to open up a thesaurus, he or she would find that the word theoretical is synonymous to knowledge-based notion and academia, while the word practical lays equivalent to empirical thought and heuristics. The distinction between the two concepts’ definitions suggests that a person would not be able to identify with both words. One is strictly based in pure logic and ideology. The other finds itself confided within the walls of actuality and evidential and easily understood products. Jason Stanley, a philosopher and Yale professor, discussed in a Stone article the meaning of both practical and theoretical knowledge and how society has miscalculated the divide between the two concepts.
Stanley begins his argument by noting that there exists a folk distinction between practical and theoretical knowledge, that being that one who possesses a theoretical thought process lacks the ability to be a person of practicality and vice-versa. Stanley quickly expresses why this viewpoint is not only false on many levels but also dangerous to philosophy and progress, since perception of knowledge and how humans act tend to correlate strongly. He explains in his second point of argument that learning and practice is necessary in order to gain both theoretical and practical skill. Branching off of this point, he reasons that one who learns a skill has obtained a knowledge of truth. Stanley supports this by examining a mechanic and a physicist. He states that a person who is proficient in the mechanics of vehicles can have the same inadequate knowledge of philosophy as the person who is accomplished in the field of theoretical physics. Both people are equals in the mastery of their own specific sphere of ...

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...explanation had to continually be ingrained into the minds of people until it would one day just make sense. Repeated elucidation is required for all things to become common knowledge at some point. This inherent cohesion of practical and theoretical knowledge only supports Stanley’s argument further.
In the end, The divide between practical and theoretical knowledge would not be so much fiction, as Jason Stanley suggests, as it is misguided. Both concepts are indeed coupled together and shouldn’t be viewed as polars,but this doesn’t mean that they don’t hold differences in complexity. The variance in complexity leads to the differences in acheivability strictly do to schooling and it’s expenses. Nevertheless, A person who has mastered a piece of practical knowledge should certainly not find themselves hopeless in the pursuit to become adept to theoretical knowledge.

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