Mistaken Beliefs of Gender Commonly Heard in Our Society Essay

Mistaken Beliefs of Gender Commonly Heard in Our Society Essay

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Boys will be boys and girls shouldn’t get dirty. These are just a couple common
mistaken beliefs of gender commonly heard in our society. As individuals, young people are
continually bombarded by messages, whether subtle or intended, that reflect society’s
expectations of gender. Media is profoundly implicated in the process of defining and framing
gender and is also often the main offender behind the perpetration of gender stereotypes.
Media consumers process the messages and form assumption about what is appropriate and
what is and is not for males and females.
Throughout their lifespan, men and women develop differently and mold to particular
expectations of gender. As children, they gain a sense of being a male or female and associate
various objects and activities with their gender. As adolescents, boys may be harassed
for partaking in interests and activities that are considered feminine. Through games, boys are
taught to gain attention, status, and power, while girls are taught to be cooperative, loyal, and
Looking at the four websites having to do with male and female issues, I’ve come to the
conclusion that gender roles in media often portray women as nurturing, gentle, cooperative,
concerned with appearance, and sensitive to others; while men are viewed as logical,
competitive, assertive, independent, financial providers, skilled in business, and dominant over
women. In the media, women tend to be represented more negatively than men. While men
are perceived as hard workers, directive, and physically aggressive, women are displayed as
likeable, warm, passive, submissive, and weak. Women are also more likely than men to display
empathic behav...

... middle of paper ...

... dieting, use of laxatives, vomiting, or taking diet pills. Basically, girls know something
isn’t right, but rather than looking for the problem within the culture, they search within
themselves and their families.
Overall, the impression I got from the articles was one that I had expected. I had
expected women to be portrayed the same as they have been for the last few decades and men
to be portrayed as strong and the provider for the family. It was surprising for me to see that
even though the media portrays women as taking a back seat to men, they are still seen
through a much more critical lens then men are. Someday I hope that media can portray both
genders as respectable, positive, and self-dignifying roles in society.

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