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Missouri State Board of Nursing
On November 19th I attended a clinical rotation in Jefferson City to observe hearings against nurses by the Missouri state board of nursing for violating their licenses. Of the cases we were there to see many did not show, and we actually only got to witness two cases in which the nurse appeared. These two cases where violations made by the nurses on their already open settlement agreements with the Missouri state board of nursing.
In the first case we witnessed an RN who violated her settlement terms from July of 2015. The RN had violated her license and the nurses practice act by being under the influence of something that impaired her ability to perform as a competent nurse. She was working a night shift and her DON was contacted by other nurses who reported that she was not acting right. This nurse was reported to have slurred speech, was confusing co-workers names, appeared disoriented, and staggered while walking. Once the DON arrived to observe the RN she requested that the nurse submit a sample for a drug screening, the screen returned posit...

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