Essay on The Mission, Vision And Operating Principles

Essay on The Mission, Vision And Operating Principles

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The mission, vision and operating principles are keys in guiding, directing, and leading an organization. Organizations have changed throughout history; however, since the introduction of global markets, competition to reach and retain consumers increases daily. Therefore, management must breakdown those guiding principles into tangible, realistic and measurable goals and objectives. Managers must then orchestrate all areas within the organization to ensure its success. Managers must rapidly change (improve) and utilize functional tools to give the organization a competitive advantage or edge. Management must become adept to changing markets, consumer requirements, and concepts used to effectively and efficiently manage an organization. There are many functions and within those functions, roles that managers must employ to garner goal attainment. The functions that are vital to the managers are: conglomerate and concentric diversification, organizing, controls, strategic planning, teams, project management, management by objectives, and benchmarking.
Important Concepts Learned
Conglomerate and Concentric Diversification
Conglomerate and concentric diversification deals with new products or services that the organization is trying to market. Conglomerate diversification is new products that are unrelated to the current products that the organization sells and concentric diversification is new products that are related to the current products that the organization sells (Satterlee, 2013, p.69). This is important for bolstering a diverse portfolio and marketing scheme of the organization. Diversification possibly yields a higher market share in the industry.
The manager function of organizing is providing the...

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...(Merchant, 1982.p43). This control is utilized only when a team veers off course or is consistently not reaching its performance goals.

Concept Application
Throughout the Bible there are many stories about strength in numbers, planning, organizing, working together, supporting one another, and leading/managing by objectives. Nehemiah 1:1-7:4 shows how many of the concepts were used when he was rebuilding the wall and what it took to get it done. Nehemiah utilized teams and MBO for each area concerning safety of the people, resources needed, supervision and care of the people. 1 Thessalonians 5:21, “But test everything; hold fast what is good” (NASB). This scripture proposes that organizations must review processes and procedures to determine their effectiveness and efficiency; compare those items with others and implement what is best for the organization.

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