Essay about Mission Schools or Christian Religious Schools in Africa

Essay about Mission Schools or Christian Religious Schools in Africa

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Mission Schools

“Mission schools” or Christian religious schools were established mainly to increase the spread of Christianity. This reason it was done in this manner was because “education was an essential vehicle for spreading Christianity” (Booyse et al. 2011:114). Christianity was increasing and the proselytes were taught basic reading and writing skills to equip themselves enough to be able to read the Bible and other Christian literature. A multitude of mission societies were introduced and they advocated the spread of Christian Gospel and the provision of education. Recipients of mission education included the Black, Colored and Slave people.
“Education is a universal phenomenon, which is limited to human beings” (Venter 1979:32). Education should be put into certain structures which would help individuals throughout their life. Missionary education amongst black people started in the Cape region prior 1910, specifically in King Williams Town. Missionary schools were introduced so that children who cannot go to church can learn about religion.
Mission education only started in the 18th century. Missionary schools had positive and negative effects in the history of South Africa. Teaching in a Christian manner aimed to break down many barriers between tribes and cultures. Teachers in missionary schools used the bible as a tool of justice.
Missionary schools converted many people to Christianity and these people were taught to read and write. Missionaries were encouraged to establish their mission stations on the frontier and to exert their influence on the black population in an attempt to bring peace and harmony to the region (Encyclopaedia Britannic...

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...h African education system as Nelson Mandela fought so hard to become the rainbow nation and for religious equality. Learners should not have religions they do not believe in forced upon them, but rather just the option to learn about them.

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