The Mission Of The University Of Charleston Essay

The Mission Of The University Of Charleston Essay

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Here at the University of Charleston we all follow and strive to meet one common mission. “The mission of the University of Charleston is to educate each student for a life of productive work, enlightened living, and community involvement.” There are also six liberal learning outcomes that we strive to learn while attending the University. These LLOs are communication, creativity, ethical practice, and critical thinking, citizenship, and inquiry. Along with these LLOs and the University’s mission, each major has their own mission and outcomes for each student. Being an education major I follow this mission, “ The Education Department at the University of Charleston prepares students who will be committed educators, lifelong learners, and community servants.” The education department also has a set of major outcomes. These are the following major outcomes; apply and demonstrate discipline specific content knowledge, skills, and practices, apply and demonstrate developmentally appropriate pedagogical knowledge, skills, and practices to prepare P-12 students for college and career readiness, exhibit appropriate, professional dispositions required of educators, demonstrate high academic achievement and ability (i.e., candidate selectivity and quality) , demonstrate, analyze, and evaluate their effectiveness and impact on P-12 student learning, apply, demonstrate, analyze, and evaluate their ability to effectively plan, provide, and assess instruction during clinical practice, and demonstrate fulfillment of UC’s Liberal Learning Outcomes at all 3 levels.
When I came to the University of Charleston, I had no plans of doing other activities besides, women crew, which gave me an athletic scholarship. Throughout my years at the Universit...

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... I student observe and teach I have to take into consideration all of the major outcomes. For example when I teach I have to make sure I know all of my materials and how I am going to teach it to my students. I have to look professional and be professional even if I mess up. Student teaching helps me live the mission because it is preparing me for community service, enlightened living, and productive work.
As my time at the University of Charleston comes to an end I am glad I decided to come here. With all of the LLOs and the major outcomes, I know I will be fully prepared to be a teacher in the future. As time goes on I hope I can make the University proud my living the mission statement each and every day. I will always strive to be the best educator that I can possibly be. None of this would be possible if it was not for the University and its’ mission statement.

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