The Mission Of The Marine Security Guard Essay

The Mission Of The Marine Security Guard Essay

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Diplomatic Security is represented throughout the world by a Regional Security Officer (RSO) in every U.S. Embassy and Consulates. The RSO provides a range of services to U.S Citizens, the U.S private sector, and foreign law enforcement organizations, protects the U.S embassy or consulate, its personnel, and information. The mission defines what the state department considers its most valuable assets, the Marine Security Guard also have a mission which also correlates with that of the RSO. The Mission of the Marine Security Guard is to provide protection to mission personnel and prevent the compromise of national security information and equipment at designated diplomatic and consular facilities. The Marine Mission identifies what the state department values as its important assets, which are its people, information and equipment. Though it might not have been identified which is more important, the state department still groups all of its assets at a high value, and that security policies and procedures.

Defense in Depth is a practical strategy for achieving Information Assurance in today’s highly networked environments. It’s a “best practices” strategy in that it relies on the intelligent application of techniques and technologies that exist today. The strategy recommends a balance between the protection capability and cost, performance, and operational considerations. A combination of multiple layers will be more effective against unpredictable attacks than will be a single dense [one] optimized for a particular type of attack. Defense-in-Depth allows an agency to see the attack in the early stages which will help decrease the likelihood of a data breach or major compromise. This concept is used a lot mostly protecting inform...

... middle of paper ... event from occurring. Physical protection system, the first estimate measures the system’s effectiveness in preventing the undesired event. If the undesired event cannot be prevented, another estimate measures the system’s effectiveness in detecting the event and mitigating its consequences so that the event is not catastrophic. Analysis risk and making recommendations for risk reduction are the last step before you conduct your final report. The risk analysis consists of creating a LAS definition table and LAS levels for both physical and process control paths for each priority undesired event/adversary group. Then you provide you recommendation to reduce risk levels, the goal is low-cost, high-return upgrades. Upgrading vulnerabilities common to all undesired events should be considered first because this can result in greater protection against many scenarios.

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