The Mission Of Our Marketing Plan Essay

The Mission Of Our Marketing Plan Essay

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The mission of our marketing plan is to attract and maintain customers and provide outstanding service to emerging companies to obtain a client base. Our excellent services will exceed the expectation of our esteemed customers and hence achieving client base.
We shall be guided by three marketing objective. The first objective is to keep on maintaining, positive and steady growth of our business activities. The second objective is to positively increase the number of our frequent customers in every quarter of the year and to decrease customer acquisition costs yearly. Our financial objectives are; to get profits by the end of every year. To increase the number of accountants yearly and to decrease operating cost every year while increasing profit.
Our target markets are the following groups; students, professionals and greater percentage of youths. The target market is significantly huge. Reaching such huge market will mean that our company will have to employ a number of strategies. It should be noted that a viable and good marketing strategy should be cost effective and should be able to reach all the targeted segments or customers. However, one of the challenge that our company will face is that the targeted customers comes from across the globe. This means that it may not be easy for our company to conduct target marketing. Nevertheless, the company can carry out what is called segmentation.
As far as market segmentation is concerned, it should be noted that contemporary consumers have change their preferences towards products. As a result, the marketers need to focus on fuller, more lifelike strategies in developing their marketing programs. One way of achieving this is through what is called psychographic segmentation. This...

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...lative to other executive placement services. We will try to distribute our services to all our customers. We will rely on an advertising campaign and strategic networking to raise awareness and build brand equity. Try to provide good customer services.
Product is another key element of marketing mix we shall consider. We shall describe our products in terms of attributes such as quality level, taste, size, efficiency in use, brand, and also styling. In researching marketing we will base on interviews and questionnaires like in Minneapolis where Dan interviewed the COO. This will provide our executive team valuable information about our business.
In conclusion, if the entire above marketing plan is implemented, the business will obtain a client base. As results of this there will be high projected cost, revenues will increase and there will be supernormal profits.

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