Essay about The Mission Of Bob 's Supermarket

Essay about The Mission Of Bob 's Supermarket

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Bob Thompson, along with his brother Sam, reopened and operated Bob’s supermarket, a family-owned independent grocery store in Hanover, Indiana (Parnell, 2014). The mission of Bob’s Supermarket is “to provide groceries, fresh foods, and ready-to-eat food that is of the highest quality and convenient at a fair price, while being a valued member of Hanover” (Parnell, 2014, p. 396). With such a strong mission, Bob’s Supermarket did not appear to focus on marketing, growth, and innovation.

The small supermarket seemed to be meeting its mission. However, its competitive advantage was dissipating when larger retailers such as Wal-Mart Supercenter and Kroger’s opened nearby. Owners of Bob’s Supermarket did not see the value in marketing; therefore they did not invest in marketing. Therefore they did not invest in advertising or promotion. In fact, the owners appear to believe “their good customer service were their primary forms of promotion” (Parnell, 2014, p. 398). However, this attitude or lack of initiative or innovative may prove to be harmful to the store’s future.

Bob’s Supermarket has great potential, its location, meat department, ready-to-eat foods, and its employees. However, with wages increasing, the increase in competition, and the recession, Bob needs to make improvements if it is to maintain sustainability (Parnell, 2014). “Their ‘do-it-yourself’ approach had the obvious benefit of saving money. It did, however, take away time and energy from other aspects of managing the business, particularly pursuing new ideas” (Parnell, 2014, p. 398).

Bob’s Supermarket was presented with a retail marketing analysis by Markertek. The “report provided the most thorough information on the market and consumer shopping hab...

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...mine the proper flow of the store and modernize it to remain competitive.

Professionalism also seems to factor into the social environment at Bob’s Supermarket. Customers were shopping for convenience and professionalism. Krogers is well designed, and employees wear uniforms and identification. Moreover, the social demographics has changed. Hanover households were slightly older with low to moderate incomes and outdoor lovers. Bob 's did nothing to attract this market. Lastly, “reflecting busy schedules and limited budgets, survey respondents are most concerned with the selection, convenience and price in selecting a place to shop, small town attributes such as familiarity, service, and quality are also valued, just less so” (Parnell, 2014, p. 400).

Parnell, J.A. (2014). Strategic management: Theory and practice (4th ed.). Los Angeles, CA: SAGE.

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