Mission, Objectives And Mobile Services Essay

Mission, Objectives And Mobile Services Essay

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Mission, Objectives and Mobile Services
In our effort to address the barriers to healthcare access, our mission is to improve our clients well-being and health outcomes by providing medical, mental, and preventive services for individuals with a history of chronic homelessness. With a collaborative effort aided by the case management and outreach currently offered by the Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC), the mobile clinic will provide additional supporting services that will focus on bringing mental health services, healthcare and social services directly to our clients.  As we strive to integrate our services by collocating a mobile clinic, we will focus on disease prevention and healthcare promotion through primary care, while employing a biopsychosocial approached with the goal of optimizing wellness within the population we serve. The objectives outline for the medical outreach program will focus on improved quality of care by using every advantage that is presented with a collocated model and the cross discipline solving techniques that will be available with coordinated care. This holistic approach will include a care team that will bring additional resources and will also focus on being the link to additional comprehensive services while monitoring treatment and outcomes. The integration of services can also prove to be cost effective by the flexibility it offers and by consolidating the resources currently available at WLCAC. The program will also be sustainable by using the working relationships it will have with other community health providers and by using the educational services provided by the University of Southern California. Providing medical services that touch upon primary care practice guidelines,...

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...arts. This will allow the staff to keep track of immunization records, and lab work while helping to monitor medication intake.
The program will aim to measure its performance and will assess for service capacity, flexibility and delivery of services. The clinic will provide client questionnaire cards after every consultation in order to better assess for client satisfaction. The client questionnaire will focus on quality of service, recommendations, and treatment satisfaction. The questionnaires will be reviewed weekly and be look upon as an important tool for client input and overall program improvement. Internally the team along with the supporting staff will conduct a self assessment by using the Behavioral Health Integration Capacity Assessment (BHICA) that is aim at measuring service delivery and will help evaluate the program’s ability to implement integrated

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