Essay about Mission Goal : Local Leadership

Essay about Mission Goal : Local Leadership

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2.4 WAC Mission Goal - Local Leadership
New Zealand already has rules and regulations in place in an attempt to minimise pollution from intensive dairy farming degrading the waterways. The local body councils play a major role in the management of the environment and in the Taranaki region, the Taranaki Regional Council (TRC) is the responsible regulatory body. Their website states that:
‘Besides developing, monitoring and enforcing regional rules around the use of core resources, an important part of our work involves getting alongside landowners, industry, community groups and individuals to take practical actions to protect and improve the environment.’(TRC, 2015a)

The TRC manage the resource consent process as outlined in the Resource Consent Act (1991) and undertake the necessary compliance monitoring. They also introduce local initiatives such as the TRC Riparian Protection Programme to improve water quality.

Although the TRC are the regional ‘Gate Keepers’, nationally many parties are interested in environmental management, for example in 2003 a coalition made up of the Ministry for the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (now called Ministry of Primary Industries), regional councils and Fonterra developed the Dairying and Clean Streams Accord (Fonterra & Govt, 2003)which is a statement of intent and framework for actions to promote sustainable dairy farming in New Zealand, with a focus on reducing the impacts of dairying on the waterways.

3. How the question will be answered.
This next section provides an explanation of how the researcher intends to go about answering the research question and what methodologies will be used.
3.1 Proposed research framework
The proposed research framework for this stu...

... middle of paper ...

...ect Gantt Chart. This will involve gathering data, analysing data to answer the research question and then writing up the findings and conclusions.
(Please refer to Appendix One – Project Timeline for details of the above)
5.0 Writing up findings/Conclusions
The aim here is to provide a document that convinces the audience that the interpretation offered is credible and significant. The researcher will aim to provide the reader with confidence that the work meets the requirements of trustworthiness (credibility, transferability, dependability and conformability) and authenticity as Bryman and Bell (2011) deemed this a better method for assessing the quality of qualitative research. The researcher would like to make it clear to the audience that the methodology has implications for the use in a variety of situations that can benefit the users of Taranaki’s waterways.

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