Missing Persons Reports in United Kingdom Essay

Missing Persons Reports in United Kingdom Essay

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It is important to say, that the decision can only be made by the UK High Court, when the court are satisfied that the missing person has been
a permanent resident in England and Wales for at least one year on the date of missing, which is explained under 1(3) . Lavinia was a resident of York in England, so the requirement of the Act is fulfilled. However, there should be more information provided about the domicile of Lavinia, since the court can determine the domicile of Lavinia at the time of her presumed death, as it will be provided in later paragraphs.
Furthermore, 1(4) states that the application should be made by the spouse or civil partner of the missing person, however the UK High Court additionally permits other close relatives which are specified under 1(5) to make
the declaration. The court must refuse to hear an application if the applicant is not a close relative such as the missing person’s spouse, civil partner, parent, child or sibling, which is expressed under the Act. In this particular case the applicants are Lavinia’s parents, so there is a possibility...

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