Miss Representation, Women 's Equality Essay

Miss Representation, Women 's Equality Essay

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With the current election involving a woman as a major party candidate, the issue of
women’s equality and how women are regarded by society has been receiving much attention.
In the film, Miss Representation, women’s equality is likewise the main issue addressed.
Throughout the duration of the film, the ways in which women are mistreated, looked down
upon, and not given the opportunities that men are given are highlighted. Thus, Miss
Representation is an effective documentary because it showcases and exposes several traditional
gender messages spread through the media, and because it elaborates on the inequality of women
through showing examples of the obstacles women in politics face.
Firstly, Miss Representation not only addresses the lack of women involved in politics in
the United States, but it also brings to light how gender messages affect the treatment of women.
The first characteristic that can be said about gender messages about women is that the messages
are pervasive. This pervasiveness is absolutely present throughout society, and in particular, the
media. Miss Representation puts this pervasiveness into terms that make people aware of the
gender messages that they simply glance over every day. For example, it is stated that because
the media teaches boys that they are more powerful, stronger, and more capable of success than
girls, obviously this is the idea that boys will grow up adopting (Miss Representation). It is no
wonder, when thinking in these terms, that women are treated as objects. If this is the message
ingrained in a person’s head from the time they are a small child, in essence, the media is to
blame for this mistreatment, not the people who wrongly treat women. This pervasiveness that

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... to what the candidate says about policies, people criticize her
outfit, or even sexualize her candidacy (Miss Representation). The media does not do this to any
of the male candidates; therefore, this proves that women are not taken seriously when running
for political office, largely in part of the media’s treatment of candidates. The conclusion can
then be drawn that the media has a hand in the lack of female politicians.
To summarize, the media takes a large part in the unfair treatment of women because of
the utilization of gender messages and discouragement of women running for office. The media
mostly broadcasts women in a negative light, therefore putting down women, themselves, as well
as lowering men’s views of women.Consequently, society does not allow women to play a large
role in politics, largely due to the gender messages the media spreads. Thus, Miss

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