Essay on Miss Representation Is A Play On Words

Essay on Miss Representation Is A Play On Words

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The title Miss Representation is a play on words that brings up the topic of
this documentary: the fact that women are misrepresented in the media by
being viewed as sexualized objects, much like pageants usually do. There are
barely any complex acting roles for women, and if the roles do exist, the
actresses are still encouraged to get botox, face lifts, etc. to appear younger
and more attractive. Extremely successful female politicians are judged not
for their political experience, but on their looks, personality, and
temperament. Sarah Palin was sexualized while Hillary Clinton was called a
bitch and a “boner killer”. Despite their accomplishments, they were judged
on superficial characteristics, not the fact that they were pushing to break the
glass ceiling for working women. One female producer discussed how she
produced a movie that ended up being extremely successful, and then for the
sequel, a male producer was chosen over her.
2. In the 1920s and 1940s, female roles and characters in films were all
housewives who stayed at home, took care of the family, and did things for
their husbands. They revolved around making the male character happy. In
the past decade or so, women’s roles revolve around being sexy. The
characters are not very dynamic, they wear little clothing, and they are not
usually seen as very intelligent. Often times, they are used as eye candy and
for the purpose of adding something sexual to the film. These differences
highlight how sexism has evolved, but definitely got any better. The media
has moved from seeing women as belonging in the home with the sole
purpose of pleasing the husband to women merely being sexual objects with
no brains and no talent.
3. The 1960s and 1970s were a time when women made ...

... middle of paper ... idea. The way that media represents women has always
been something that affects politics. Because we view women a certain way, we look
at other things instead of their accomplishments and this affects our view of them as
candidates for political positions. Take Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton for example.
The documentary shows how during that campaign, both women were not criticized
for their political stances; they were sexualized and their value was based off how
they appealed to men. Sarah Palin was talked about like a piece of meat; she was
labeled as a good masturbation tool. Hillary Clinton was called a bitch because she
was much more tough a “normal” woman should be. Both women have plenty of
political experience, but because of the way that the media portrayed them, people
have a difficult time looking at them as more than the image portrayed by the media.

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