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Miss Representation Director Jennifer Newsom Essay

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My example of How To Get Away With Murder challenges the arguments made in Miss Representation. Given the way in which the roles success in their fields of work are shown. How they have a variety of ages represented in the show. As well as the number of ethnicities shown in the actors is beyond what others have shown. The arguments made in Miss Representation will be overseen by this show and many others to come.
In the film Miss Representation director Jennifer Newsom’s primary argument is if young women do not see any other women in roles of power, they start to think that they are not able to achieve that power. An example of this would be “You can’t be what you can’t see.”, said by Marie Wilson the founder of the White House Project. Another argument made is that women are never really seen as protagonist in film and television. When only sixteen percent of the protagonists in films are women, it is hard for women to see themselves as those roles. Branching off from the last argument Newsom states how in Hollywood women 's protagonist roles are generalized in a subgenre called the chick flicks where the majority of the time young females are out to find love. Since these films are about young women finding love, 71% of women in these movies or shows are under thirty years of age, and it is very unlikely to see a woman in her middle ages or even older as a lead role. Since many of the roles are given to white actresses, actresses of color are underrepresented in the industry. Only six out of the top 500 box office films feature a woman of color as their protagonist, none which are at the top 200. This only leaves it to around 1% of the protagonist to be a woman of color. As we head towards a better society, more and more exa...

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...sense of being able to achieve her successfulness. Viola Davis being the age of fifty has overcome the age barrier for women in Hollywood. Given that Viola is African American her role of Annalise has won a number of awards the most renowned being the prime time emmy award for lead actress in a drama. This award is in fact a very important role because the fact that she is the first African American women to have won it.
The way How To Get Away With Murder challenges the arguments are great examples. With such a progressing culture a few of the arguments made in Miss Representation will become obsolete in a few years.Women are starting to get more powerful roles in film, television, and politics. A variety of age groups have been represented in Hollywood. More people of color getting known and awarded for their acting. This culture as a whole will start to progress.

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