The Misrepresentation Of The Native Americans Essays

The Misrepresentation Of The Native Americans Essays

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Thompson believes that if the majority of critics say that they enjoyed a reading and only a few say that they didn’t like the plot of the story Native Americans will continue to be portrayed in a negative manner. These books are used in educating children and they are false accounts of the tragic events that happened to Native Americans because white people are viewed as the victims. Thompson also points out some of the flaws that are obvious in several scholarly books that discuss the misrepresentation of the Native Americans. Scholarly authors will shame the authors that created the novels for the stereotypes but, will praise a novel for having good plots or storylines. Lastly, Thompson discusses the main issues in her conclusion. She explains how Native American reality is a myth in our society. Furthermore, she explains that in history Native Americans will always be viewed as drunk, primitive, barbaric people because those stereotypes are constantly being shared in history books and in children’s literature. Thompson argues that children will automatically believe the stereotypes because they do not have a chance to learn about Native American culture from Native Americans. Children learn from genres of novels that were written by dominant white people. Thompson continues to explain that the literary, legal, and educational systems are supposed to find the truth and expose the lies. However, some people use their power to display negative images that are viewed as propaganda for people to be brainwashed into believing a lie. Thompson concludes her article by stating that people have portrayed Native Americans in demeaning ways since the European “discovered” the Native American territory. Furthermore, she believes that the s...

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...enounce the stereotypes. At the end of the article, Thompson quotes a native author by the name of Jimmie Durham. The statement says that white authors have to stop using false historical information to justify genocide. They have to stop covering up the truth and stop belittling the Native American culture because it will make our society worse. Children will be hurt the most because they will be manipulated before they can formulate their own ideas about different cultures. Thompson believes that these institutions should accept the fact that they were greedy and wrongfully obtained land that did not belong to them. She also wants them to realize that it is not acceptable to teach children to dehumanize another race of people. However, the only way that this can happen is if a large number of authors break the chain of conformity and stop fearing the consequences.

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