Essay The Miserable ( Les Miserable) Victor Hego

Essay The Miserable ( Les Miserable) Victor Hego

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The Miserable ( Les Miserable) Victor Hego
Victor Hego, a French poet and a spirtual leader, he wrote the miserable in 1862. Hego portrays a novel of misery, love, hope and pain through a cohesive flow of incidents through unique characters . The novel addrsses the French social life in the first half of the 19 Th Century and is contents such as social habits and unfair laws, The historiacal aspects governs the novel between Napeleop fall in 1815 and the failing rebellion against the king Luis Philippe in 1832. Hego mentions at the beginning of the book “ The customs and the law in France creates a social circumstance which is a hellish humanitarian type, as long as there is carelesness and poverty on the earth , a book like this one, will always be a necessity”.Hego reflection of social justice motivated him to write this great novel to improve the ordinary french people in France . Hego was romatic in the heart, the book is rich with moments of great poetry and beauty. The depth of the visionis an internal reality which created a classic production which cannot be limited with time . Hego described the misery of the misery in its truest meanings, his psychological analysis in love, society, politics and econmy reinforced his writings .The novel included powerful themes such as the god`s merciness, the French revolution composition, Napeleon fate in Wterloo battle , the conscious conflict btween the good and the bad, the victory of virtue over the vice, right over wrong and justice over injustice. Primarily. the novel is well defined, closed in advance and is only open on the rise . The novel consisted of contradictory elements in parallel: The bishop and police, prison and labor, the monastery, the battle of the Batt...

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... Hego dramatizes the plot as Valjean escapes and saves a drowning man in Toulon port but the people thing that he drowned. Hego builds his plot and shows vailijean meeting Cosette . Hego uses emotions skillfully as Valjean takes care of Cosette and loves her . Valigean`s character as a strongly pphysical person and a savior of people in danger threw shadows of conterversoy on the plot with two oppositional personality tyoes and added power and thrill to the plot. The Movement from suffering and injustice to hope empowered Valijean`s personality which played cohesively with Cosette who grew up in poverty and fear, Hego pictures Valigean as the hero who rescues Cosette from Thenardiers . The beauty of character transfer is illustrated in Cosette who becomes a happy educated woman. Hego plays again with Valijean peronality as he turns him from a care giver to a jailer

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