Misconceptions Pertaining College Students Who Obtain a Job Essay

Misconceptions Pertaining College Students Who Obtain a Job Essay

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This literature review will focus on the scope of college student’s whom have a job while going to school full time versus college students who do not have a job and the effects on their academic success. It will identify the contributing factors dealing with Seton Hall University student’s academics. In addition this literature review will identify the possible solutions dealing with academic success based on research pertaining to college student’s positive outcomes. The time period that will be covered by this review will be within the most recent five years.
As defined by Mounsey, Vandehey, and Diekhoff (2013) a traditional college student is one who is “enrolled in college directly after high school, relied on parents for financial needs, and refrained from working” (p. 379). This idea of a college student going to school full time to obtain a degree and only focusing on their studies has drastically changed. Students can no longer rely on their parents to pay for their tuition and their everyday expenses. Thus causing the majority of college students to work and go to school full time which is creating a change within the definition of a traditional college student. The idea of a non-traditional students is becoming more prevalent then the idea of a traditional college student. A non-traditional college student characteristics would be those that are the opposite of a traditional college students. These are the students that work full time, go to school part-time, pay for their own expenses and tuition, might support a family, and may not have started college right away (p.379). Whether a person is a traditional or non-tradition college student now a days it does not matter because as stated above these characteristics are...

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