The Misconceptions Of Video Games Essay

The Misconceptions Of Video Games Essay

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Misconceptions of Gaming
Video games have been intensely speculated and observed since the day were released, and continues to be studied. Gaming has become very popular in the last decade, and its very common for someone to own some sort of entertainment system. Video games are open to all ages but attracts a great deal of the younger crowd. As any parent would, they want to make sure that their child is safe. Unfortunately, the stereotypes surrounding the gaming community, have given video games a poor reputation. People have come to believe that video games are a waste of time that lead to violent behavior, psychological damage, and social sheltering. The key to this is moderation, anything in excess can be detrimental and it’s important to keep that in mind. That being said, I intend to enlighten my target audience, parents, that such stereotypes are far from the truth
The false assumptions people have about the gaming community influenced my main question, “Why is gaming looked down upon?” Gaming is a safe haven and escape for many people, and studies have revealed the social and cognitive benefits of gaming, especially for those with mental disabilities and illnesses but these benefits are not limited to those with disabilities. Video games are more than just a mindless activity, it is a life style and has more to offer than many believe. Gaming is not dangerous nor is it illegal, but it does have its limits and there are regulations to keep the industry in line.
I have been a member of the gaming community for over a decade. My primary focus will be on the generic controller based video game style, as this is not a timeline based piece. I am a customer of violent console gaming, which puts a bias label on my side. I have ...

... middle of paper ...

...ggression. These studies together approach the assumption delicately and effectively all while remaining fair in the subject.
The news expanded upon the fact that video games can help relieve stress. An article published by The Telegraph ( said that after a study done by, Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Ferguson, he discovered that violent video games showed a reduction in aggressive behavior in kids with depression and ADHD.
Parents have and always will be concerned about the children whether it’d be mental and physical health, the choices they make, morals, and in this case; supervision. The gaming world is evolving at an exponential rate, surfacing more concerns. The objective of this Research Project is to further examine the positive impact violent video games have on behavior as well as the therapeutic benefits that gaming has to offer.

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