Essay on The Misconceptions of the American Agriculture Industry

Essay on The Misconceptions of the American Agriculture Industry

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Have you ever thought about what the world would be without Agriculture? Have you
thought about going to the meat department of your local grocery store and there is no meat, but
vegetable substitutes? The same people that are telling you that soy is an appropriate alternative
to meat, have never been on a farm, and wouldn’t know the first thing about it. There are many
organizations that lie to the American public each day to fulfill their self centered agendas. The
organic sub-culture is gaining more popularity than ever, with their lies and false propaganda on
topics as, herbicides, pesticides, land erosion, hazardous waste, steroids and medicines. Despite
the lie’s and misconceptions, the agricultural industry is one of the largest environmental groups
in the world. Agriculture is the most important industry because; it keeps America feed, either
with row crops or with livestock. We need to understand the industry, and in doing so, we will
educate others, who have never lived on a farm.

We as Americans have failed ourselves, by not motivating the youth to learn about the
benefits of agriculture. Most young adults today don’t know the process their food took to get to
their tables. They also don’t know how many people it took, and the intricate care that was given
to their food, to ensure a quality product was offered. There are two main organizations that
provide education to our youth, but their numbers are not where they once were. One of these
organizations is readily available in 99% of all American public high schools. The National FFA
Organization, a great youth leadership organization that strives to make a positive difference in
the lives of students by developing their potenti...

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... public, one thing can be said about American agriculture. The industry has
changed its practices over the years, to be more earth friendly. We need to keep educating the
youth of today, and make the learning of agriculture fun. Because, who we teach today, will be
the leaders of tomorrow. The cattleman and farmer understand one very important concept. If
Mother Nature isn’t nurtured, she will stop producing. Once that happens, the human race
will cease to exist. Stop by your local farm or ranch, and tell them that you appreciate their hard
work and diligence to their cause .

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