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Misconceptions of Cowboys Essay

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Misconceptions and stereotypes are found everywhere in the world. But how can they be formulated? Misconceptions come from misunderstanding someone or something. It is an opinion formed from the wrong information. Stereotypes are caused by a small group giving a large group the wrong image. One example of a large group of people who have been giving the wrong image and are often misunderstood are cowboys. Over the years, many misconceptions and stereotypes have been created about what a cowboy is and how they should act.
A stereotype is to believe that all individuals of a certain group are the same simply because a smaller group of individuals gave them that reputation. Stereotypes, oftentimes, are confused with misconceptions because stereotypes usually come about when someone does not understand the group they are talking about. Ignorance and stereotypes usually go hand-in-hand because stereotypes are caused by people talking about something they do not know anything about. Stereotypes are seen in everyday society because people love pretending to know everything there is to know about anything. In the article Honor Code by David Brooks, he states, “The education system has become culturally cohesive, rewarding and encouraging a certain sort of person: one who is nurturing, collaborative, disciplined, neat, studious, industrious and ambitious”(6). This is what society thinks the stereotypical student should be and those are the kids they focus on. But not all kids are built like that, causing some to be left behind and forgotten. Stereotypes could be eliminated if people would be more open-minded and make sure they form educated opinions about what they were talking about before spreading around a false image.
A misconcep...

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...rty on a daily basis and they sometimes wear these clothes in public. But do not be fooled because they know how to clean up and dress and act just like everyone else. The people who usually wear these clothes in public are usually wearing them for show. All in all, cowboys have been and always will be the backbone of America.

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