Misconceptions Created by Television Shows, As Explained in Richards Willing’s “CSI Effect”

Misconceptions Created by Television Shows, As Explained in Richards Willing’s “CSI Effect”

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In Richards Willing’s “CSI effect” the author tells the reader how, as a result of crime scene shows’ popularity, the misconceptions they create, and the combining of real life events with TV fantasy, crime scene shows have affected jurors and the oucomes of court cases. The shows’ popularity has increased peoples’ interest in forensic science and has caused workers and students to transfer into the field. The second effect crime scenes created is the misconception concerning when to use forensic tests, as well as misconceptions about the speed and accuracy of forensic workers and machines in tracking and identifying the culprit. Willing tells of a murder trial in Arizona in which the defendant’s bloody coat was listed as evidence, but was not tested. Although the defendant had already told investigators that he was at the scene of the crime, with the jacket, jurors asked for forensic DNA evidence linking the defendant to the bloody coat and to the crime scene. The juror’s exposure to crime scene shows had given them knowledge of forensic tests, but not knowledge of the proper use of the tests. Crime scene shows mix real life with TV fantasy. According to willing’s studies, highly attractive forensic workers and stunning suspects, along with very neat crime scenes on crime scene shows deemphasize the real life violence and brutality of crime. Similarly, tv reality shows have influenced people’s ideas about real life and real relationships through the effects of image, misleading information, and popularity.

The first effect of reality shows is the image it gives viewers. Reality shows give misconceptions of everyday life; the Real World and Jersey Shore show young adults relaxing, having a good time, and partying every day. The...

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...s of image, misleading, and popularity have influenced the thoughts of people who watch reality shows. To me reality shows such as jersey shore, the housewives series have influenced as to how i see people who have the money are stuck up and have no idea what is really important to the world. That alot of Americans were embarassed to have those people represent the United States. I am embarrased that we as Americans, wach reality shows of other people who are no diffrent from we are and give them so much attenion for simply being broadcasted for misleading me how easy life is for them than for those who try to make a difference or that just beacause how popular they are with the younger genreation. We as people should give the image of trying to make our world better place for he not so forunate bu ae living pretty well, but for those who are not fortunae at all.

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