Misconceptions and Different Forms of Plagiarism

Misconceptions and Different Forms of Plagiarism

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Misconceptions about Plagiarism
Cheating and stealing are two of the many words describing plagiarism. Plagiarism is a common misconception because people do not understand all the meanings of it, do not know the techniques to avoid it, and have not come to realize that it undermines academic integrity.
This misconception involves the widespread variety of definitions on the topic plagiarism. Plagiarism is a word with many meanings. One definition means to use another’s production without crediting the source. Another definition is to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one’s own. Plagiarism ranges from failing to put a quotation in quotation marks to stealing a passing off work. “Minimal amount of plagiarism is very common in the educational sector where person do plagiarism by substituting the synonyms and editing the original text” (Kumar 1). Terms like “copying” and borrowing” can disguise the seriousness of plagiarism. People often get confused about plagiarizing because the meanings can also get them mixed up and frustrated. “In sum, plagiarism can be a very serious form of ethical misconduct” (ORI 1). That is how plagiarism’s definitions can change one’s perspective about it.
This misconception often occurs because people do not understand the styles of writing to avoid it. Most cases of plagiarism can be avoided though. “Plagiarism can vary in its extent based on the amount of plagiarism” (Kumar 1). The different styles of
writing are very helpful to avoiding plagiarism. The certain style of writing techniques a person uses to avoid plagiarism reveals the writer’s own voice. It also pertains to the type of audience it would relate to. Some styles of writing include how the person uses their sentence formation. Some examples are the loose sentence, the periodic sentence, or the balanced sentence. Other styles of writing include diction. Diction pertains to the writer’s style and mode of their writing. The styles of writing can be humorous, general, metaphorical, philosophical, abstract, or concrete. Punctuation is a big part of a writer’s style because it expresses the writer’s mood or action. “Although plagiarism can take many forms there are two major types in scholarly writing: plagiarism of ideas and plagiarism of text” (ORI 1). That is how using different styles of writing can influence you to avoid plagiarism.
Plagiarism occurs when people do not understand the emphasis on the originality of the work.

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When a person writes and finds something he wants to put in his or her essay, he or she cannot put the identical sentence or structure in his or her essay but can make it similar. Sources can be cited but still plagiarized by not mentioning the author’s name for a source but neglecting to reference it in the location of the material in the essay or report. The writer who takes the information from the source can also not have his writing better than the original. “It is important to remember that copyright law does not protect ideas, themes or subject matter; but it does protect craftsmanship which is legally defined as ‘effort and judgement’ (Alfrey 1). Copying can be unintentional but it still can lead to debatable arguments to who really created the original copy. “Originality … must
be measured against its imitators…” (Alfrey 2). It is unfair to the original creator of the
copy for the imitator to get all the praise. That is why putting emphasis on how the original creator may feel about the originality of the work can help you avoid wanting to do plagiarism.
Plagiarism is also a serious offense and comes with consequences. It is against the Honor System and undermines academic integrity. Many schools and colleges have strict guidelines regarding plagiarism. Sometimes the consequence involves a teacher conference meeting and sometimes the teacher marks the persons paper where they believer the student has plagiarized. “Today’s students learn quickly that finding and manipulating data on the Internet is a valuable skill” (iParadigms 1). Students will deliberately copy and paste most of the time because they are lazy and want to get the assignment over with. Now there are sites that students have to post their essay assignments on to check for originality. If you and a friend are sharing work, you both will be punished for it. “Students often justify plagiarism by pointing out that since their peers plagiarize, they must do the same to keep up” (iParadigms 2). Plagiarism is cheating and should not be used because it is against the Honor System.
Plagiarism undermines academic integrity and when it is used you are only hurting yourself and your learning experience. Students usually want to get the report over with and end up procrastinating. Procrastinating is a habit that can be fixed. “Having them submit bibliographies, outlines, thesis statements, or drafts on specified dates before the final draft is due will give them a good idea of the amount of work involved” (iParadigms 2). Students are under enormous pressure from other work in and out of school that they get sidetracked and loose a good amount of time. “They often see education as a rung in the ladder to success, and not an active process valuable in itself” (iParadigms 1). Students need to be more focused on the skills to writing than focusing on the end result. Doing your own work will make you a better and more experienced writer.
Plagiarism is often confused because people do not understand all the meanings of it, do not know the techniques to avoid it, and have not come to realize that it undermines academic integrity. It is better to do your own work and to learn from your mistakes than to use someone else’s work and be punished for it.

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