Essay on Misconception of the God of Lighting Marvel's Version

Essay on Misconception of the God of Lighting Marvel's Version

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Who fits in the description of a blonde blue-eyed god, carries an electric hammer that can crush mountains and flies the god through the air, and talks in an old English Shakespeare speaking? That would be the famous Norse God of Lighting, Thor, or at least in the Marvel's version he is like that in the movie Thor. Marvel's version of Norse Mythology is actually different from the actual mythology which results a misconception of the myth to the people who watch the movie Thor. People sometime believe that Marvel's version of Norse Mythology is the actual myth of Norse Mythology itself, because they believe that Marvel is telling the true tales in their own way. They sometime have forgotten that the movie Thor is an artist interpretation of the mythology. This means the author or artist takes some the mythology elements and altered it to fit into their story or liking. This creates misinformation on Norse Mythology because of Marvel’s movie Thor for people. Marvel changes some part of Norse Mythology like the relationships between the gods, the characters, and the mythology’s tone in the film Thor.
Norse Mythology is a mythology from the Scandinavian countries in northern Europe that depicts a universe where gods and giants battle each other to the universe's destruction ("Norse Mythology" UXL Encyclopedia of World Mythology). The world of Norse Mythology was nine worlds all connected by the World Tree Yggdrasill. Each world had different families resided in each of them- Asgard (World of Aesirs), Vanaheimr (World of Vanirs), Helheim (World of the Dead), Midgard (World of Man), Svartalfahemir (World of Dwarves), Jotunheimr (World of Giants), Alfehmir (World of Elves), Niflhemir (Primordial Ice World of the Frost Giants),...

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...arok or the god's mischief. Marvel changed the god's characters and their characteristics like Odin and Thor, the relationships of the Norse gods like Thor and Loki, and removed the bloody and evil tone of the myth, only leaving the heroic tone in Norse Mythology. Hopefully, people don’t always believe everything they see in movies or stories when it comes to mythology; after all they are merely artist’s interpretation of the actual myth.

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