Essay on MIS Improvement and Design Innovation

Essay on MIS Improvement and Design Innovation

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Tornatzky and Klein performed a critical meta-analytic study of over 75 articles in their 1982 theses. They reviewed literature concerning innovation characteristics and their relation to innovation adoption and implementation. Tornatzky and Klein (1982) share the results that earlier literature was largely devoid of “any detailed examination of the reviewed studies’ methodological or conceptual rigor” (Tornatzky & Klein, 1982, p. 28).
Based on their results, they determined that research in innovation characteristics is “typified by poor conceptualization and research methodology” (Tornatzky & Klein, 1982, p. 39). With the hypothetical ideal study they proposed (addressed further below), they opened the door for future researchers to pick up the mantle where they left off and discover new and exciting results that may be lurking in studies performed in the three decades since Tornatzky and Klein’s publication. Their article begs the question, “Has the field gotten better at designing studies since Tornatzky and Klein provided this study in 1982?”
It is this clarion call that I heed in taking up this meta-analytic study of characteristics of innovation and the adoption of said innovation, and on that basis, I derived the following research question: “Has the management information systems (MIS) field improved at designing innovation studies since Tornatzky and Klein provided suggested guidance in their 1982 meta-analysis?”
Using their ideal study, I propose to evaluate meta-analytically the research produced since Tornatzky and Klein’s appeal. I paraphrase their ideal model of an innovation study below:
1. Does the study predict rather than just explain?
2. Does the study focus on both adoption and implementation as de...

... middle of paper ...

... falsifiable. To be so, there should be consensus on method and approach. As Tornatzky and Klein noted, that was not the case in 1982. In their key study of the innovation characteristics and their relation to innovation adoption and implementation literature, Tornatzky and Klein (1982) found that earlier literature was largely lacking substantial rigor. They proposed an ideal study as a guideline for future studies.
In a recent cursory search of the literature, I found there does not appear to have been a follow-on meta-analytic study of the literature to see if researchers heeded the Tornatzky and Klein recommendations. This leaves a void in the known knowledge about innovation characteristics and their relation to innovation adoption and implementation. This study will reveal if the MIS field has developed such a consensus in examining DOI characteristics.

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