`` Miracles `` By Caprice Albrecht Essay

`` Miracles `` By Caprice Albrecht Essay

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A major aspect of writing is being able to express oneself while connecting to the reader. Writers, whether professionally or forced, often use literary devices to (hopefully, but not all the time) make their work more interesting--as Caprice Albrecht did in her narrative, Miracles. While literary deceives are important to connect with the reader, the main goal of the writer is to touch the reader with ethics, logic, or make them feel empathetic towards the topic. Albrecht primarily used imagery and similes to convey how she feels about the generosity that people are capable of showing in dire situations; especially how a little love can change someone else’s life in a drastic way. Through the story of an abused baby becoming apart of the family, Albrecht used pathos in order to express the various emotions felt by her entire family.
Almost everyone, expect sociopaths or psychopaths (who are unable to experience emotion), cannot help but feel a great deal of sympathy for the abused baby girl that inspired Albrecht’s Miracles (literally and figuratively). It is a basic human instinct to worry about children, even if one does not consider themselves “good” with children. The author’s baby sister, Amber, is no exception. When Amber first came to the Albrecht abode, “a small pain stricken face with a body to match sat helplessly in her carrier” (Albrecht 20), the reader cannot help but want to pick up that little baby girl and never let go. It physically hurts to hear of such a small baby, who has not lived enough to do anything wrong, have to go through such pain so early in life. A child in pain breaks everyone’s heart--especially if this pain was caused by the person who is supposed to love them. It only goes to show t...

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...by sister’s situation and be strong, allowing Amber to heal into a happy little girl.
Unfortunately for kids that were born into situations like Caprice or her sisters, love was not something immediate--maybe in Caprice or her older sister’s case, as their birth mothers realized they were unable to care for their children and allowed someone else who could to do so. With a little love, any child can become one that fights to love others. There is an obvious emotional toll with being born into something ugly, but the life that was provided for these girls was something only few are able to experience. To be able to write so beautifully about such an experience is something else--especially when this writer is able to show and allow the reader to feel what she felt, as the big sister of a broken soul. It only goes to show that love and time can heal all wounds.

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