Essay about Minors Should Not Play Violent Video Games

Essay about Minors Should Not Play Violent Video Games

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Minors should not play violent video games
When I first look at this topic, a person came to my mind was my 14 year old cousin. He is a junior high school student and he is really addicted to the video game. My cousin is living with my grandmother and every weekend I visit my grandmother I will see him sitting in front of the table playing video games. What shocked me was he never help my grandmother with any housework even my grandmother is 75 years old. On the other hand, I barely see him going out with his friends on weekend he even didn’t talk to me a lot when I visitor my grandmother. And I can say video is really affecting my cousin’s life. Based on the data provided by U.S. Government, there are 97% of U.S. kids age 12-17 play video games, contributing to the $21.53 billion domestic video game industry. And more than 50% top-selling video games contain violence [8]. It is a large number of American children are playing violent video games. And violent video games are becoming more and more popular in young children, also more people start to consider the effect of violent video games to our minors. In this paper, I think for minors’ healthy growth they should not play violent video games. And I will address some concerns about this issue.
Let’s start with some arguments about this issue. The controversies of violent video games are societal and scientific arguments about whether playing violent video games will influence players’ behavior and attitudes or not. There are many voices have blamed violent video games for school shootings, and violence towards women or animals. On the other hand, some people also arguing that violent video games are under the laws governing freedom of speech and also as an educational tool helpi...

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...u hear about the high school gun shooting happened? Do you shake your head when you see our young generation spending their good times on violent video games? Well I am and I do. We really need to stop minors playing violent video games. Minors should go hanging out with their friends after school like 30 years ago when the internet was not that popular. Children should spend more time with their family. Instead of playing violent video games at home, it is better for them to spend more time take a walk with their parents after dinner. Overall when deciding on whether or not violent video games should be banned for minors, both sides offering strong supports for themselves. The other sides of the debate, including violent video Games are constitutionally protected freedom of speech and economics [6] [7], should come second to our children’s health and development.

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