Minors and Abortion: Parental Consent Must be Mandatory Essay

Minors and Abortion: Parental Consent Must be Mandatory Essay

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How can a child make the decision for the life of another child by themselves? In this paper I will outline the mental, physical, and safety issues of minors (age 18 and under) having an abortion and why it is so important that they need to get parental consent before making this life long decision.
Talking about abortion brings out an emotional response in many women. This is because having an abortion takes a massive emotional toll on some women. As Nanyjo Mann said, three weeks after having an abortion, “I became preoccupied with the thoughts of death. I fantasized about how I would die. My baby struggled for two hours” (Reardon, 1987, p. xviii). In the forward of the book “Aborted Women, Silent No More” Nanyjo, a women telling her story of abortion, goes on to tell about feeling unstable with herself after having an abortion. She wanted to prove to herself that destroying others didn’t hurt, but it does (Reardon, 1987, p. xix-xx). Continuing in reading Nanyjo’s story, she tells all of the effects and feelings she went through after having an abortion including stress, depression and low self esteem. Any girl under the age of 18 would have an even harder time dealing with this type of stress. Teenagers are already seeking their identity and worry about their grades, looks, and peer acceptance. Going through the post abortion stress all by themselves would be overwhelming and potentially put them at risk for mental breakdown.
Another thing to take into consideration is the physical health risks during and after an abortion. As Ring-Cassidy and Gentles(2003) said “Abortion is never with out risks”(p. 89), this tells us that you can never be sure your going to come out completely fine when you go in for an aborti...

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... for them if something goes wrong mentally or physically is something that all daughters faced with a pregnancy should experience when going through something as life changing as an abortion. If teens choose to have unprotected sex, they should have to deal with the consequences like an adult and fess up to their mistakes, even to their parents. Seeing the physical and mental distress abortions can have on a young child or teen, don’t you agree that this law should be in place too?

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