Minor League Baseball Players Salaries Essay

Minor League Baseball Players Salaries Essay

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The one thing every single minor league baseball player has in common is their salary. Everyone is out there doing everything they can to make their dreams come a reality, but it is tougher when they compensated poorly. Minor league baseball players receive only 20 dollars a day for meal money. Why do grown men, professional baseball players get paid so little? Major League Baseball is a business like any other, but players in the minor leagues are technically not exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act. An exempt employee is someone who will be reimbursed minimum wage for their duties. Young and upcoming players should be payed for who they are as a player and person, not the cheapest salary possible. Minor league baseball players salaries should be raised to help the players themselves, be fair to their players, it will increase level of play, and MLB should be more courteous to the future Hall of Famers.
Minor league baseball players are paid horribly. After each month, players normally have a few hundred bucks for themselves and a littler per diem, but that’s it. Major league baseball teams draft prospects in order for them to “grow and develop,” but how can that happen in such harsh conditions? Players should be compensated fairly so they have full access to healthy foods, kitchens to cook all of their meals, and a gym to train. In reality, players only receive a sub par gym. My opinion is simple, if major league affiliates make an investment in a player, shouldn’t they be treated greatly in order to make it to the major leagues to help the parent club? It sounds simple, but really major league baseball is “weeding” out the weaker players to force the cream of the crop to rise above all negative aspects. The autho...

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...scussing that the players “option” is to go to the minor leagues. Personally, I know some players in the minor leagues and all of them said they are treated unfairly and do not get paid enough.
Overall, MLB should stop disrespecting players who dedicate their lives to the wonderful game of baseball. Players do not even receive compensation for spring training. They go a full months of multiple hours a day seven days a week and get zero dollars a day because it “practice.” Yet, the organization itself still racks in the money because they are sold out for spring training games and do not have to worry about giving any of it to their players. Smart move but dirty. Minor league baseball players salaries should be raised to help the players themselves, be fair to their players, it will increase level of play, and MLB should be more courteous to the future Hall of Famers.

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