Essay on The Minor Characters Of William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

Essay on The Minor Characters Of William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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When analyzing a text, it is essential that readers do not put two-dimensional character aside as they have the same amount value of a three-dimensional character. Minor characters typically serve as a plot device to establish a setting or theme. However, it is not expected of them to be interesting as the major characters are far more complex and have intentions that cause them to be the central focus of the play. To further explain, major characters are three- dimensional so a reader and, therefore, relatable, as opposed to a two- dimensional role. With that being said, minor characters are important to help establish a three-dimensional major character through interactions between them. William Shakespeare’s Hamlet successfully applies the relationship between major and minor characters through the development of the protagonist, Prince Hamlet. Throughout the play, the minor characters expose Hamlet’s envy based on the theme of procrastination. Furthermore, Hamlet’s interaction with the minor characters determines whom he trusts and respect. In addition, the minor characters have an influence on Hamlet’s moral consciousness. Overall, Shakespeare depicts minor characters as not only to help further the plot but also to prove that they play a significance in the contribution of Hamlet’s character development.

To begin, Hamlet illustrates the protagonist’s foil, which inevitably shows his envy due to him being unable to pursue his goals unlike his rival, therefore highlighting the complexity of his character. To further explain, procrastination plays as a significant theme throughout the play. The theme refers to Hamlet inability to achieve to his revenge, as he tends to delay his endeavors despite the opportunities given. Forti...

... middle of paper ...

...y, The Ghost is responsible for creating Hamlet’s intentions, making the first and important minor character to the contribution of Hamlet’s character development.

To conclude, Shakespeare proves that the minor characters are not just fillers to a story, but instead, they play an essential role to the character development of a protagonist. To elaborate, minor characters exemplifies a contrast of actions and choices between them and a major character, such as when Hamlet becomes a tragic hero due to his flaws while his foil succeeds. Moreover, minor characters contain such traits that gain a protagonist’s approval, where in Hamlet, the hero admires loyalty and rationality. Finally, Shakespeare demonstrates the influence that the minor characters have towards their opposites; through the moral choices that Hamlet makes while attempting to avenge his father. Overall,

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