Essay about Minnesota Public Schools

Essay about Minnesota Public Schools

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I believe that in Minnesota taxes are now being cut on the public school system. Over the last twenty-five years not enough money has been raised in taxes for the schools. Instead, governors have been cutting taxes from education to fund other programs although, knowing there isn’t any room to short cut education. Budget shortcuts and reductions on education while funding other programs don’t end up saving us money in Minnesota or anywhere else instead; it will forever cost us now and in the future thus, only getting us behind in education. We should be competing at a national and a global level in our public school systems because, our young student are our future and the more educated our children are more productive they will be in society. Three things need consideration.
Minnesota public schools are always going through changes, because of new technologies and new teaching methods that are always continuing to emerge. Young students today for example do a lot more on computers, and rely on them more so, then ever before in the past. Computers are an ever-changing p...

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