Minimum Wage Is Not Fair Over The Years? Essay

Minimum Wage Is Not Fair Over The Years? Essay

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Do you believe the minimum wage has been fair over the years? Do you think It has affected you in any way? The minimum wage has never been fair and until till this day, it’s not fair. The only way it will help others is if the minimum wage goes up, the way it hinders others is the amount of money people are receiving it 's not enough for them. In the research, it states that it 's rare if people out there in the world are pleased with their minimum wage because the majority of the people have never like their minimum wage. The majority of people hate their minimum wage for many different reasons. Even though the minimum wage to people has never been fair, if they raise up the minimum wage most likely the prices to objects sold will be at a much higher price than they were before. The reason for that will be because people will be earning more money so the economic the government will want to set the prices at a much higher cost because the minimum wage will be higher and it would be approved by the law.
To Begin, within many states/places, there has always been a debate whether the minimum wage should be approved and let it go higher or remain the same. Obviously, in these debates there’s always has to be pro and cons people, people will be against it while other will agree with it. The majority of time people will not want to be part of the debate they would not want to vote. According to George Miller (2007), “For the last 10 years, the Republican leadership in this house fought tooth and nail to avoid any, any opportunity to have an up-or-down vote on the minimum wage”. What this quote means is that the Republican Leadership is going to try to avoid any debate out there that they will not want to be part of the debate because t...

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...ities there was block because they wanted a higher minimum wage than the state 's requirements. The minimum wage cannot be higher than the state requirements according to this article.
Overall, the minimum wage has never been fair whatsoever. The only way it will help out America is if they set the minimum wage at a higher portion than it already has been/ is. If they actually listen to those debates and agreeing for the minimum wage to go high, high enough for it to be enough for people. It will also help if anyone can work including those illegal immigrants they say they are. Everyone should have the right to work it should be equality. The only way the minimum wage has hinder America has been by it 's not enough for those living in America. People getting into situations where they have to work to jobs. Just make the minimum wage fair and everyone will be happy.

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