Essay on Mini Review Sites Program Description

Essay on Mini Review Sites Program Description

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SwagMag is one of the first review WordPress theme that’s also suitable for other site categories. It enables you to create infinite numbers of mini review sites within your main website. It also allows you to publish and organize your contents on a single or on multiple mini-websites. The main page gathers all the featured content from every mini-site, and put them altogether into one, content-rich webpage. Additionally, Swag Mag is fully translatable to other languages.

Theme features:

• Unlimited creation of mini review sites

• 4 rating scheme (numbers 1-10, percentage, letter rating, stars)

• Enhanced with jQuery

• 48 background images

• Nivo slider

• jCarousel slider

• 5 different layout options

• Supports multiple translations (.po/.mo files included)

• Custom 404 page

• Social media integrated

• More than 80 customizing shortcodes

• 10 built-in widgets

• 3 dropdown level menu

• 13 available ad spots

• Meta field panels

• Author listing page

• More than 60 custom options per review

• About 76 custom page backgrounds

• Layered PSD and PNG files included

• Demo content available

2) Steam - Responsive Retina Review Magazine Theme

Steam provides a sophisticated magazine-style layout for your WordPress websites. It comes with easy-to-use page creator, mini-site management, as well a...

... middle of paper ...

...lid HTML5
• BuddyPress support
• Integrated code compression
• Premium page maker
• Premium lightbox gallery
• Grayscaling options
• Optional homepage widgets
• Classic blog view with 2 layout choices
• Boxed/full-width page layout
• Unlimited sidebar features
• Left/right sidebar positions
• Shortcode generator
• Customizable background, favicons, logos
• Localized and translation ready (.po/.mo files included)
• Category styler
• Customizable page colors
• News ticker
• Review/rating system integration
• Dual slider support
• 14 ready-made widgets
• Hundreds of Google web fonts
• Contact form 7 plugin ready
• .xml demo content available
• Full documentation

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