Essay on The Minds of Serial Killers and how They Work

Essay on The Minds of Serial Killers and how They Work

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A serial killer is to be known as a killer that will pause for a long period of time before killed more peope. After a serial killer killed one person, they would wait months or years before they killed another and pause after that and they did that till they were caught. But, a man or woman doesn’t just decide one day that they will kill people, it all starts when they were a child. What makes a person want to kill and why can’t we get into a serial killers mind? It may be the way they were raised. It also might be that they were beaten as a child, or their parents abused them, or maybe they were being bullied because they were different from the others. Most of these caused one thing prior to them wanting to kill, and that is because of their mental state of mind. Some of these killers were tormented so much that it changed them mentally and emotionally. Some of the killers were also driven by sexual pleasures. The reasoning is that they were driven down by everything that was around them and it caused them to have issues and things that would make them later have a “tick” and cause them to go on their psychotic rampages.
Most serial killers, if not all, had bad childhoods or a problem they couldn’t control, and an example of this is John Wayne Gacey. Gacey was abused and beat by his alcoholic father. Not only that, he couldn’t play with any of the other children because of a heart condition. Later on in his life things got better and he became well-liked during the 1960s and 1970s . Gacey had also been married and had children according, a website about infamous and famous peoples biography’s and lives. Gacey had a problem, as a documentary person wrote for Gacey’s biography, Gacey “later realized he was attract...

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