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The Mind Of Cognitive Psychology Essay

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Although Piaget and his famed clinical method started within the realm of cognitive psychology, in the 1920’s, Piaget became a prime influence toward the beginning of organizational psychology. In the United States during the industrial revolution, there was a series of experiments with about 20,000 workers at Western Electric Company in Hawthorne, Illinois. A company who was already known for caring about the welfare of their employees wanted to run a trial of two sets of offices: one room as the control group, and the other to run experiments. The goal of the experiments was to see how the illumination of the light fixtures would increase or reduce work productivity. What made the research so interesting was that no matter how the lights varied between the experimental group and the control group, both were showing higher output than when compared to the same workers before being chosen to work in the new environments. This result was not what the group running the study was looking for; in fact, the term Hawthorne effect grew to be a negative term because of the initial look how it was turning out to be a failed experiment. The staff conducting the investigation went to change other variables like when the team would take breaks, food, the length of work shifts, etc. What made it more surprising was how the positive morale and increased output went beyond the control and experiment offices back into the work center. This result caused the data to seem unreliable and “seemed to suggest something beyond the experimental design, complicating what the multiple variables meant to the improved efficiency and workers’ morale” (p. 166). (Hsueh, 2002, pp. 165-166)
As those began to attempt to figure out what happened between bei...

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...ble. This example incorporates the next skill learned by the child in this stage: the ability to use categories. Objects can now hold different meanings. Lastly, at this time, the child understands the ones around them may not share the same likes or dislikes they do, and they can further understand how others see them as well. (DeWolfe, 2015)
The final stage carries from early adolescence and throughout adulthood, known as the formal operations stage. In this stage, the concrete operations gained from the previous stage are now expanded to objects which are created purely in the mind (i.e.- does not exist). This abstract thinking creates all new problems for the individual. Abstract thoughts now flood their minds and “concepts such as “forces,” “infinity,” or “justice,” nowhere directly experienced, can now be comprehended,” as DeWolfe writes. (DeWolfe, 2015)

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