The Mind Body Problem : Dualism And Monism Essay

The Mind Body Problem : Dualism And Monism Essay

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The mind-body problem is a philosophical debate that can be approached by simple questions: what is the relationship between mind and body? Accordingly, what is the relationship between mental assets and physical assets? When examining the mind-body problem there are three fundamentals that should be considered: the subject as an observer of both the external and internal world; the conditions of observation that include certain external and internal tactics of observation; and the observed object or entity (Vacariu, 2011: p. 26). The two debatable theories of the mind-body problem are dualism and monism. In the most general sense, dualism supports the idea of a separate mind from the body with the possibility of differing physical and mental statuses, while monism believes in the mind and body serving as a single entity, either completely mental, or physical.
Dualistic epiphenomenalism supports that mental abilities such as contemplation, and comprehension are by-products of the physical brain and are not causal. This perspective of dualism believes that behavior is a result of muscles that react upon receiving neural impulses that are generated by input from other neurons or other sense receptors. In contrast, I trust that interactionist property dualism, the theory that these entities, the mind and the body, can each produce an effect on the other, is the most accurate theory involving the mind-body psychological studies. Evidence such as mental sickness induced by physical state, physical illness induced by mental instability, and direct instances correlating with the placebo effect, serves as my foundation of belief that interactional property dualism is the most reasonable answer to the mind-body problem.
Depression is...

... middle of paper ... under these conditions, going into shock would be the next appropriate step after the ice-cube interaction because the body completely controls the mind, and therefore the mind would not be able to realize that there was a lack of harm and notify the body that all was physically well with the body.
Although dualistic epiphenomenalism is a close description of the spectacle that the mind-body philosophical problem faces, it hinges on the foundational belief that physical occurrences and sensations of the body directly manipulate the mental constancy of the mind, but mental processes result in no alteration of any physical properties. The interactionist property dualism is the most profound theory towards defining the mind-body problem. Only through an equilibrium channel of communication between the mind and body will an individual be able to adequately function.

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