Essay about The Mind As A Recursive System

Essay about The Mind As A Recursive System

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Hand in Hand:
Descartes and a Functionalist

The mind is a powerful thing, to which is still yet to be fully understood. In similar ways both dualism and functionalism help shed the light on the issue of understanding the view of the mind. The mind being a recursive system is one joint way, but there is a few more that will be explained. Furthermore, I am going to explain why there is not a sustainable difference of that of Descartes Mediations 1 and 2 and that of a functionalist when it comes to viewing the mind.
My first statement that I am going to propose is that both view the mind as a recursive system. With this being said there is a finite set of entities that have an infinite set of answers. For the dualistic view, it is explained as the mind being infinite while the body is not. What this primarily means is that body can only do so much, therefore it only has a finite number of tasks it can complete. On the other hand, the mind has infinite beliefs. These beliefs can be anything from factual to something completely irrelevant and bizarre that is does not make any sense at all. Rene Descartes explains this in Mediation 1 paragraph 1 and 2. He stated, “So, for the purpose of rejecting all my opinions, it will be enough I find in each of them at least some reason of doubt. And to do this I will not need to run through them all individually, which would be an endless task…So I will go straight the basic principle on which all my former beliefs rested.” (Cottingham 12). What he initially means is that the minds beliefs are infinite and that they all originated from one original belief just like in the meaning of that of a recursive system.
Likewise, the view of the mind being a recursive system by Descartes falls in hand ...

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...have similar views to that of the dualistic approach.
As I draw to a conclusion, the philosophical views of dualism and functionalism have proved to have similar qualities ranging from qualia to the mind being a recursive system. I would also like to state that there really is not a sustainable difference between the views on the mind from Descartes mediations as a dualist and that of a functionalist. Both initially view the mind as being separate from the body, with different quantities within.

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