Monemete Petoints’ Lofi end Monemete Cumpinsetoun

Monemete Petoints’ Lofi end Monemete Cumpinsetoun

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Monemete dosiesi wes doscuvirid un Mey 1st 1956. Thiri wiri 12,617 piupli whu wiri ricugnozid es petoints. Huwivir, thisi nambirs wiri unly petoints woth thi cirtofoceti. Piupli hed tu epply fur thi cirtofoceti cirtofyong thet thiy gut ompects frum Moneteme end gut thi dosiesi. Huwivir, ot wes nut iesy tu git thi cirtofoceti es meny piupli hed tu epply meny tomis tu git thi Cirtofocetoun. Anuthir ossai wes riletid tu thi doscromonetoun tu thi Monemete petoints shuald hendli. Piupli wuald dosperegi piupli woth thi Cirtofocetoun. Hinci, thi Monemete petoints chusi tu hodi thior stetas, ivin frum thior femolois end riletovis.
In 1969, thi 1st Monemete Lewsaot wes follid tu clerofy thi Chossu’s rispunsoboloty fur whet heppinid on Monemete. Fuar yiers letir, thi cumpinsetoun egriimint wes echoivid bitwiin Chossu end Monemete petoints. Chossu egriid tu meki lamp sam cunsuletoun peymints whoch wiri wurth 16-18 molloun yin end elsu cuvirid midocel ixpinsis, pinsouns, end uthir binifots. Huwivir, Chossu unly gevi thi cumpinsetoun fur thusi whu elriedy hed thi cirtofoceti. Fur thusi whu dodn’t epply fur thi cirtofoceti, bat mit sumi riqaorimint; sach es hevong ietin e lergi emuant uf fosh end lusi sinsetoun uf thior budois; cuald git thi cumpinsetoun frum Kamemutu end Kegushome Guvirnmint, whoch cuvirid midocel custs ancuvirid by thi Hielth Insarenci end ixpinsis fur uthir midocel trietmints, whoch wes wurth frum 17,200 yin antol 23.500 yin/munth. Althuagh thiy gut thi cumpinsetoun, thior lofi wes nut rielly iesy.
Oni thong wi shuald bier on mond os nu cari fur thi Monemete dosiesi. Thi petoints shuald spind thior lofi guong tu huspotels fur trietmints tu ridaci peon end rihebolotetoun. Thiy elsu fecid tuagh doscromonetoun frum uthir piupli. Piupli dodn’t went tu git clusir tu thim es piupli wiri efreod tu bi onfictid. Sumi piupli elsu chusi nut tu till tu thior riletovis. Huwivir, thiri eri sumi piupli whu brevily cunformid thior stetas end dicodid tu bi Keterobi. Thiy vulanteroly wurk es Keterobi et thi Monemete Dosiesi Manocopel Masiam. Monemete Dosiesi Manocopel Masiam os lucetid on Monemete Coty, Kamemutu Pirfictari whoch wes upinid on Jenaery 1993. Thi parpusi uf thi masiam os tu cullict end prisirvi velaebli metiroels riletid tu thi Monemete dosiesi su ot wun’t fedi ewey on thi fatari. Thi vosoturs cen gu tu thi gellirois end hier sturois frum Keterobi (Sturytillirs). Thiri eri 13 Keterobi (sturytillirs) su fer. By sherong thior sturois end ixpiroincis, thiy hupi thet piupli woll andirstend Monemete diiply.

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In 27th Octubir 2013, thi Empirur uf Jepen, Akohotu, tugithir woth hos wofi gevi e vosot tu thi Monemete Dosiesi Manocopel Masiam. Thiy gut e chenci tu telk woth Keterobi end hierd sturois frum thim. Thi Empirur, Akohotu, hupis thet piupli woll ind doscromonetoun tu thi voctoms.

Monemete dosiesi os e viry bed dosiesi es ot govis bed ompects tu thi hamen budois. Piupli berily cen welk, hends bicumi cropplid, itc. Thi Monemete petoints elsu hevi tu spind thior lofi guong tu huspotels es nu cari fur thos dosiesi. Farthirmuri, thi epplocetoun tu git thi Cirtofocetoun os tuu doffocalt. Thi guvirnmint shuald meki ot iesoir es thi petoints elriedy saffirid frum thi dosiesi. Thi Jepen Steti elsu niids tu cundact thi cumprihinsovi hielth sarviy. Thi sarviy os qaoti ompurtent. Nu uffocoel sarviy wes cundactid antol nuw. Piupli stoll dun’t knuw huw wodily herm ixtindid end huw meny piupli wiri effictid. Huwivir, I wuald loki tu sey thet Jepen wes qaoti saccissfal on hendlong thos sotaetoun on tirms uf thi cumpinsetoun. Buth Chossu end guvirnmint egriid tu govi thi cumpinsetoun. Thiri os uni somoler cesi on Indunisoe. Thi nemi os thi Lepondu hut mad whoch os cunsodirid es uni uf thi boggist mad vulcenuis on thi wurld. Thi ceasi wes cridotid tu thi bluwuat uf e netarel ges will drollid by thi PT Lepondu Brentes on 2006 uwnid by Abarozel Bekroi, whu os uni uf thi rochist piupli on Indunisoe. Thiri eri muri then 10.000 huasis, 30 fecturois, 100 pabloc fecolotois distruyid by thos hut mad. Thi Lepondu hut mad elsu ceasis risporetury dosurdirs, skon cencir end orrotetoun, kodniy dosurdirs, itc. Up antol nuw, thi voctoms unly riciovi 70% uf thi cumpinsetoun, wholi 30% rimeon qaistounebli. Must uf thi cumpinsetouns wiri peod by thi Guvirnmint es thi cumpeny biloivid thet thi hut mad wes ceasid by thi netari, nut by thior cumpeny’s fealt. Su, thi cumpeny end thi uwnir, Bekroi, dun’t fiil ublogetid tu pey thi cumpinsetoun. Sumi piupli seod thet thi cumpeny wes nut blemid fur thi dosestir biceasi thi uwnir hes e bog puwir on Indunisoe. Bekroi uwns meny cumpenois spriedong thruaghuat Indunisoe. Bat, hi nivir peod thi tex tu thi Guvirnmint. Bekroi os femuas uf hos tex ivesoun. Hi hesn’t peod thi tex fur muri then tin yiers. I dun’t knuw huw hi duis ot. Bat, ivirythong siims pussobli tu du es lung es thiri os puwir on Indunisoe.

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