Essay on Milton Hershey And The Hershey Park

Essay on Milton Hershey And The Hershey Park

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In Addition to the Milton Hershey School, Milton Hershey also opened a park known as the Hershey Park. He always planned to create a more enjoyable environment for workers and residents. Although he was criticized by his mother, on April 24, 1907, he opened the Hershey Park. The authentic appeal of the park was its simplicity and variety. It was the ideal place to go on picnics, boating, and so on. Its beautiful landscape made it an easy location to enjoy themselves.
Additionally, the company also assisted the soldiers during World War II by manufacturing Ration Bars. During the war, average, mediocre chocolate bars would melt in the presence of heat. So, Captain Paul Logan requested new requirements: “ a bar weighing about four ounces, able to withstand high temperatures, high in food energy value, and tasting just a little better than a boiled potato”. Admiring the idea, company chemist Sam Hinkle was commanded to create such this bar. As a result, the ingredients were “chocolate liquor, sugar, skim milk powder, cocoa butter, oat flour, vanillin”. The sugar vastly decreased as the chocolate liquor to create a pasty, four ounce, six hundred calorie bar. Because of the sugar reduction, the ration bars did not obtain the delicious taste of the average chocolate bar. After being approved, the corporation produced ninety-thousand bars for the Quartermaster Corps. At the time, the ration bar was being molded by hand, but after the success of the first batch, it became pertinent to create an automated method of moulding. The military ration bars were crucial during the global war as well as with the Apollo fifteen astronauts. On August 22, 1942, the Hershey Company was recognized for their outstanding efforts by ...

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... Hershey claimed that “the edibles’ packaging confused consumers, including children”. Last October, the Hershey Company settled and as of now, the marijuana company must recall or extract their replica of their product.
The Hershey Company is one of the top manufacturers of chocolate in the world. Milton Hershey’s ongoing determination lead to his admirable success. Not only did he create masses of luxurious prices at an affordable price, he also supported his home-state by performing countless, and extraordinary services. Although the Hershey Company participated in unsatisfactory conduct, when they forced foreign labor, as well as indirectly advocating child labor. These lawsuits against them gave them a bad reputation for the family-owned company. But, the company prevailed by enacting new codes of conduct and signing regulations to eliminate child labor by 2020.

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