Millennials : The Rising Generation Essay

Millennials : The Rising Generation Essay

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Millennials Let Loose in America
In 2016, Millennials are the rising generation next in line to take over America like the Boomers. Characteristics of the millennials shape their decisions and beliefs about society, politics, and culture and overall effect the United States as a whole. The leading characteristic of the millennials is narcissism which can help to decipher what the generation will do and the effects on the world. While millennials can be seen as selfless, the generation has more narcissism than previous years that negatively effects America through religion, living arrangements, and marriage.
Although America is based on a religious culture, narcissism has caused a negative attitude towards religion in 2016. America broke away from Britain in a nasty war for religious freedom. The Constitution was written by religious men who believed in doing right for the country to be. America was founded on religious beliefs and enabled men to be strong in their convictions. The religion allowed for men to stand together because it gave them common ground and agreement. History enables Americans to understand where they came from and how they got to the present. Without religion, America would be in a completely different area and would not become the melting pot it is considered in 2016.
Although the roots are grown in faith, millennials are the generation to decrease interest in religion. According to Michael Lipka, “35% of adult Millennials are religiously unaffiliated.” The decrease in faith is due to narcissism of the generation. Narcissists want to be unique and different and religion creates a community mindset. Millennials do not want to be a part of a group when instead they can forge their own path. According to Micha...

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...ials have 51% of births in 2008 were to unwed mothers compared to 39% of Generation X in 1997 (Wang and Taylor). The comparison of the marriage and children are unequal. Marriage is harder for Millennials because of their narcissistic tendencies. Narcissists cannot stay with one person for long because they need the person to benefit them in some way. When the benefits run out, the person is dumped faster than a ball being pulled by gravity to the ground.
Millennials are narcissistic and this causes many outcomes to change in America. Through interdependency, marriage and children, and religion, the narcissistic tendencies can be seen. With narcissism as a characteristic the generation has different outlooks and causes productivity and attitudes to change. Even marriage and religion beliefs are changed to benefit the person instead of believing and having a partner.

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