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Homestead Steel Strike
The Homestead Steel Strike occurred in June of 1892. The strike took place in Homestead Pennsylvania and involved the Carnegie Steel Company and the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steen Workers (the AA). The Leader of Carnegie Steel Company was Mr. Andrew Carnegie. His company produced such cheep materials that creations like bridges and skyscrapers were not only feasible but affordable. He was creating a revolutionary period for steel and iron factories. The Amalgamated Association was an American labor union formed in 1876 to represent iron and steel workers. They were a new type of union for the time period and they planned on making great movements to help their workers. While in the beginning, the relationship between the two organizations seemed civil, the activities that followed certain events would take a terrible turn and lead to a massive strike and battle.
The Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steen Workers had about 24,000 members, spread around 8 districts that ranged from Philadelphia, Chicago, St, Louis to Alabama. The AA was formed in 1876 from a union of three organizations connected with different branches of iron and steel manufacture. The union’s job was to negotiate deals with Carnegie Steel to help the workers develop new contracts. The union was to protect the workers from a 22 percent wage decrease that Mr. Frick was suggesting. This union felt that management in the mills was exploiting the workers in order to maximize profit.
The Carnegie Plants at Homestead had workers associated with the AA and their contracts were to run out sometime between June and July of 1892. Many workers, up to 2,000 men, were eligible to membership in the AA. Their proposal for the year wa...

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...cils in gaining support for their industrial battles. The workers were at a loss for their support because as a group they were not whole and instead divided amongst opinions and views. This in turn is an important aspect of the fact that, beyond the local level, America in the 1890s was anything but loyal to certified trade unions and collective bargaining.
Unions going forward to this day created new ways to help protect their members while also looking for the best agreement with companies. Unions today normally fight for regular working hours, livable pay, basic benefits, and much more. They have learned not to ask for something that is out of reach. However, strikes still occur all the time because the unions tend to fight for what they believe in even if it’s not completely realistic. Unions have worked hard over time to develop more progressive movements.

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