Essay on Military Use Of Robotics And Ethics

Essay on Military Use Of Robotics And Ethics

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Military Use of Robotics and Ethics
As technology evolves more and more robotic systems, replacing soldiers with autonomous robots in wars is no longer a dream. Unmanned air and ground robots have been frequently utilized by American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq wars, saving thousands of lives of American soldiers; however, ethical dilemma has also appeared simultaneously. The regulation of lethal autonomous robots has become … in battlefields should be regulated As discussed in my initial project, technology is a manifestation of human intelligence, reflecting human values and thoughts. Ethical behaviors of artificial intelligence scientists and commanders of military robots will soon leap to one of the biggest problems in the era of modern autonomous warfare. In this continuing project, there will be more discussions around moral issues of autonomous machines, as well as limitations of current research for building up morally justified ethical system.
Moral Education in School
Personally speaking, I think the moral education in school and on the Internet are the most efficient ways of developing morality in future artificial scientists and commanders. Research has shown that education contexts can have an influence on personal epistemological development (Brownlee, 2012). As one of the “symbol systems” by which information is exchanged, a medium has the ability to act as a learning tool for people to display, receive, and evaluate information (Kozma, 1994). Most importantly, the impact of visual representations, such as YouTube, are “more likely to activate relevant situation-based prior knowledge so that students can use this to solve the problem” (Kozma, p. 12). In order to protect children, however, the Intern...

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...onsidered to be unethical in any ways and violates the military honor (Johnson and Axinn, 2013).
In conclusion, the responsibilities of an autonomous robot in the battlefield can be divided into two parts: human and unmanned. First of all, since school plays a fundamental role in developing personal epistemologies of moral education for children, it is necessary to include the research of military robots—the future dominators in war—in classrooms. To ensure the diversity of opinions, I think the filtering system on K-12 schools’ internal networks should be removed. Second, there are negotiations around the responsibility of autonomous robots between both human actors and autonomous robots. Since military robots are primarily deployed and developed in the last decade, a lot of data needs to be collected and further form as an integrated knowledge system.

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